Improving Innovation, Agility, Culture & Performance

Working Dynamics is a multidisciplinary consultancy that lifts business performance by identifying and addressing key business issues while also improving team dynamics and performance.

We are Organisational Development and Workplace Strategists that help clients define and improve physical workplace performance. We help strategise how to distribute work across different settings (inside and outside the workplace) to drive innovation, productivity and a high-trust culture. We help our clients build cultures of commitment (rather than

Working Dynamics expertise combines both business and organisational development. This dual and integrated focus improves the performance of individuals, teams and businesses significantly and sustainably during the course of each project. This delivers immediate and substantial benefits, creating more mindful, agile and high-performing people and teams.

Working Dynamics is led by Paula McCarthy, a creative and strategic consultant with over fifteen years experience ranging through ASX100 companies, government agencies through to leading SMEs. We have extensive expertise consulting to the Architecture, Design, Engineering and Construction Sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Working Dynamics advises emerging and established companies in industries ranging though architecture, design, culture, arts, environmental, government, communications, construction and professional services.

Working Dynamic offers:
•  business coaching,
•  strategic and business planning,
•  business visioning and values definition,
•  leadership development,
•  organisational design,
•  product development,
•  sales coaching & consulting,
•  branding and communication,
•  management planning conferences,
•  change management,
•  conflict resolution,
•  team building,
•  productivity growth, and
•  process improvement
•  strategic briefing & workplace advisory
•  workplace change management

We are based in Melbourne and work across Australia and New Zealand.