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We are currently running a series virtual workshops with key clients to:

  • accelerate preparation for emergency distributed working due to the COVID19 virus;
  • develop business strategy for next 2 years, after disruption of pandemic;
  • adapt/ reinvent business models and processes for remote working and virtual teams;
  • further develop a culture of trust through remote working strategies, and
  • building relationships and resilience with virtual teams

These workshops deliver the following results:

  • Minimise the productivity slump (depth and breadth) resulting from the rapid onset of the Virus;
  • Prepare managers to lead the transition to working from home;
  • Help build a stronger culture of trust which is crucial for distributed working;
  • Improve delegation and decision making processes, to avoid project drift.

This draws on our experience dating back from the development of NAB’s Future Workplace Strategy in 2008. This research and strategy project was engaged by NAB as part of the preparation to shift to distributed working to support work-life balance, sustainability and business continuity.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss this further.